We are Vancouver-based class action lawyers who have successfully resolved many class actions on behalf of individuals who have suffered harm at the hands of large corporations and government. Please click on the links below for information about our current class actions.

Class Actions

Certified class action concerning the spill of 35,000 litres of jet fuel into the Slocan Valley region of British Columbia.

Proposed class action concerning the failure rate of the adjustable gastric band implant known as Lap-Band.

Proposed class action against the University of British Columbia and others for unlawfully disclosing the HIV+ status of nearly eight-hundred residents of British Columbia.

Proposed class action against Air Transat with respect to the misrepresentation of direct flight segments and the consequent overcharge to customers.

Proposed class action concerning the Ethicon Physiomesh Composite Mesh Device, which was recalled by Health Canada due to its dangerous design defects.

Class action against GlaxoSmithKline with respect to the antidepressant drug Paxil’s relationship with cardiovascular birth defects.

Class action concerning the disfigurement, pain, and suffering associated with the injectable product Dermalive.

If you think you have purchased a product or experienced a harm that could lead to a class action, please contact us.

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